"PERCEPT believe that making a web site is not a one time affair,
it's a lifelong commitment ..."

Having the same website with obsolete data/links leaves a bad impression in the minds of the site visitors. This in turn can lead you to lose potential customers.Keeping a web site up-to-date is not difficult, but finding the time to do it yourself can be challenging - especially if you don't have the skills and the original web site developer is not around to assist you.

Some website maintenance changes will be straightforward while others may require you to update a flash movie or database. Maintenance includes updating the content of existing web pages to keep your corporate website up to date. The periodic addition of new web pages is also part of maintenance services. Website maintenance also includes repairing sections of your website that stop functioning properly. Typically, links and graphic images are most prone to corruption over time, but basic HTML pages can also become corrupted.

Here's how our website maintenance service works

1. Site Owner Request

2. Design with Tools

3. Updates & Upload

4. Site Owner Intimate

Our website maintenance services include...

  Keeping your blog updated with fresh content.

  Making website improvements.

  Enhancing your website's design.

  Functionality troubleshooting (Something broken? We can fix it).

  Adding new functionality (online store, blog, gallery, forms, etc).

  Maintaining your latest news or events calendar.

  Upgrading your CMS or plugins.

  Reworking outdated components.

  Adding new pages or sections to your website.

We keeps your website as professional as you are.

We deliver your project on time, on budget and with exceptional customer service. No project is too small and
there's no such thing as a silly question. Our core values demonstrate who we are and how we work.

We will give you an estimate for the work or you can decide to just have us do the work if it's under a thresh old that you set

We Provide...

Sound Advice

We will listen to you and try to gain a thorough understanding of your requirements and the needs of your business and its customers.

We can then use our expert knowledge to identify and guide you through your options for website maintenance & support.

Website changes

Web sites come in all shapes an sizes, and our extensive experience working with a wide range of clients, large and small, gives us a pretty good idea of what we can do to achieve best value for you.

Larger web site maintenance projects will benefit from a face-to-face meeting at our offices whereas on smaller projects it is usually sufficient to exchange a few e-mails or telephone calls to get the ball rolling.

Support Packs

Some clients only need occasional assistance with something they cannot do themselves e.g creative design, javascript, CSS updates, flash, PHP or ASP programming support.

We offer web site maintenance support after the website Completion..

SEO Service

With a total experience of around 7 years, we render professional SEO services to offer website optimization to our clients across the world.

All our affordable SEO packages have been designed keeping different search engine optimization requirements in mind.Our experts has attained success in completing projects. To avail such results, you should choose an SEO services company like us.