Percept Web Solutions Private Limited is associated with our Organization from past Four years and we are using its automation software services.

The software has been customized, developed and fine-tuned under my guidance and is very useful for any Educational Organisation.Considering the usefulness, several other Major and minor Institutes selected “College Management System” and are using these packages effectively.

The service support extended by this firm is excellent; I strongly recommend this Company and its Solutions for Software needs.

Apex Institute Of Management System
Mr.Yogesh Puranik, Director


Edu-Hub has proven to be far superior than other, products we have tried in the past. Edu-Hub is quick to set up; the console is very straightforward and easy to understand and full of useful Modules. Teachers and our Administration Department use it daily to assist students in labs; principals can monitor school wide activity from the convenience of their office. If we have any questions that their extensive Knowledge Base might not cover ,the Percept Staff is always keen to help, extremely friendly, and easy to work with. Percept has dramatically reduced our Admin department’s time helping us to be much more efficient when addressing Fees Management ,Student Management issues or Employee Management Issues. We can manage any college ,school ,Single Student ,Class ,employee and many more at once easily with a couple of clicks. Ease of quick access, in setting up program Authentication allows us to enforce and automate software. The automatic settings on Departments helps us to restrict employees by accessing Confidential data .

We running the Edu-Hub very smoothly and efficiently in our 7 Schools and 3 Medical and Management Colleges, percept has catered excellent product and all round service .

Edu-Hub has become an invaluable must have product and we strongly recommend it.

VSPM Group Of Institutions
Mr.Ranjeet Deshmukh, Chairman


We are glad to provide our comments regarding our experience in using Institute Management System and their Service quality.

After reviewing the Prototype Institute Management System, we believe that their system architecture provides more flexibility to cope with our administrative processing requirements and it is feasible to provide sufficient information for fulfilling our management needs.We therefore decided to sign the contract with PWS.

With the support provided by PWS, we were able to implement the system and reprocessed 3 years data within 5 days. During the implementation process, PWS was always there to solve the problems promptly.

PWS has been very patient to explain the system with the objectives that the highest effectiveness will be obtained. After processing the data, We are familiar with the operation procedures,which are in fact systematic and easy understanding.

PWS is one of our prime software suppliers and has been engaged for developing our Institute Management System.

We are highly satisfied with their service & strongly recommend them for their Software Services.

Yes Education Services
Mr.Amit Dhupe, Director


Waghmare Foods, Hired Percept Web Solutions Pvt.Ltd.in 2011 to Replace SAP and Develop an ERP for our Production Unit .The Team from Percept Undertook an Analysis of the Business process and continuing with a formulation of a business model applicable to Production Units.

The team’s contribution was essential in defining and improving the business model, in designing,implementing the underlying infrastructure in extending the infrastructure to the original product,which implements sophisticated business rules and logic.On the Purely Technical side, the Percept’s team proposed, implemented and tested new solutions for application flow definition, control and customization, database access implementation, transaction definition and monitoring.

Percept’s Team members are highly skilled developers and support engineer, with a positive energetic attitude and an excellent work ethic. The Team members “Dedication and High quality work had significantly impacted on both, the quality and the cost effectiveness of our Software. The Openness and transparency of their work made the transition to the current maintenance phase of our Project an easy task.

We have been impressed with the quick responses and professional approach percept has showed in the past 3 Years.Percept Web Solutions Pvt.Ltd’s Service and commitment to excellence and professionalism has been a leading factor in our success.

Doing Business with Percept has been a True Pleasure for us, Keep up the Good Work.

Waghmare Food Products Pvt.Ltd.
Sarang Waghmare, Managing Director