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You can also manage the pop3 email alias address.

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  Our company has been engaged in providing domain name registration service to the clients since many years. Our customers belong to various streams of industry and business and their number are countless. We provide fast and effective domain name registration service to expand your business without breaking your budget. The process we follow is simple and user friendly.  

You can just utilize our single or multiple domain name search boxes to search and register your Domain name.   

Manage Domain Name

Transfer of Domain Name

Comprehensive Offering & Domain Name Registration Process

  Manage the Domain Name

Our company also helps you in managing the domain name. This can be done by simple process. Using simple interface, our customers can

   Renew their domain name
   Extend their domain name validity
   Choose both email forwarding and web forwarding options
   Manage their pop3 email alias addresses
   Make choices between various web hosting options

  Transfer of Domain Name

Our company helps the customers to transfer the domain name on simple terms. There is no risk involved in the transfer. The process is simple and foolproof. If due to unforeseeable reasons the transfer of your domain fails or is canceled, we will straight away credit your customer advance account with the complete amount that you paid for such transfer.

Even during the transfer process, we take care that your domain name is not altered anytime. Transfers are seamless and during the process of transfer your domain will not face downtime. Once you place the order for transfer, the administrative contact of the domain name will receive an email. What you have to do is to simply click on the link for the confirmation.

Domain Name Renewal :-
You can register your domain name with us for a fixed period of time. After the end of the registration period, you can renew your domain name. We will remind your renewal date both with email and post. You can even check your expiry date by logging on to your control panel and view the date of expiry in the "my domains" section.

Unlike some registration service provider, our company provides domain name renewal service at a very low price. If you are an existing domain name customers of our company, you can quickly renew your registration. In case your domain name is registered with another company, you can transfer it to our company and extend your registration. You can renew both on the long term and short term basis.

Security of Domain Name :-
We understand the importance of domain name; therefore, we take utmost care for its security, which is often neglected by most of the organizations. Often domain name is hacked that can disrupt your business. We provide innovative solutions like Domain Locking, Change-Notify etc. that helps in protecting your domain name.

We also secure your domain name through allotting you a password. Every domain name can only be modified through the right Username and Password. The customer does not have to remember multiple passwords as all orders are clubbed into a single Customer interface.We also allow our customers to lock the domain from the control panel as an added protection in order to prevent a transfer of your domain.

  Comprehensive Offering

Our company is among one of the few domain name service provider offering comprehensive range of Web Services under a single roof. You can manage and purchase domains like .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .name, .us, .in and third level . in domains from single interface.

  Domain Name Registration Process

Decide the name that best describes the nature of your business or the feature of your website and is easy to remember. Make sure that it should not be long. Prefer shorter domain name. Now check the availability of the domain. This can be accomplished by using our domain checker tool. Just type the name you wish into the search box and your second step is over. Be prepared to use your imagination and consider alternative domain endings like: .com, .in , .org, .net, etc. As many of the popular domains will already be registered. Registration is the final step. Your search results will be displayed on the page and from the available choices; you can decide which domain you would like to buy.