Percept offers a broad range of complete, consolidated products and services creating powerful business solutions for our clients around the world. Percept’s approach has been an integrated partnership with its clients across disciplines, helping us to plan, synergies and extend service levels with better clarity and purpose. This translates into streamlined process systems and increasing financial benefits in the long run to all the stakeholders.

Our innovation and insight in Service domains span Product Engineering, Application Development, Application Maintenance & Support, QA & Testing.

Percept employs the best tools and technologies in all its services.

Percept is an early pioneer in IT Services. For the past 15 years we have helped hundreds of customer’s to balance their cost-performance parameters for IT projects via sustainable, long term relationships with Percept. Our hybrid engagement model is designed to leverage the best of India so that our customers are the ultimate beneficiaries. Our track record speaks to our success; having developed more than 100 products many of which are deployed in mission critical capacity in both large and small companies. We work with the same care and diligence to make each of our engagement a success, one at a time, small or large.


Long term Partnerships

Helped by our longevity. We will be around for many years, most optimized for LCS (least cost of service)


We accommodate the unique requirements of each customer on a solid foundation of our delivery mechanisms which are refined over many years and certified. We provide real time communication via Nagpur office and still leverage cost benefits of Indian Market.

Solve difficult problems for our customers

Our approach is consultative. We understand each customer's unique situation and provide a custom solution in consultation with customer executives and operational management to meet their strategic and operational needs.

Large and small clients

We work with equal diligence. Each engagement is important.

Benefits of our services

Trim down costs

Free internal resources

Expand skilled resources

Complete a specified project in budget

Deliver projects more speedily

Merge support services

Maintain Competitive Edge

Meet altering Customer Demands

Obtain Expertise

Why Percept?

Being completely client driven, we have rich experience across diverse platforms. We have time and again created teams that have exactly fit the requirements of the client, irrespective of Percept’s experience with that skill. This gives our clients a lot of confidence to leverage the best technology environment for the job at hand without worrying about access to resources with appropriate skills.

Our expertise covers platform technologies (.NET and PHP), webservices, embedded systems, legacy programming languages. We also have extensive experience on multi-tier architecture frameworks ranging from mainframes, to client / servers, to web-based systems.


Percept’s unique delivery systems are a combination of customized, need-based onshore models, delivering value that has earned us a 100% growth every year since our inception. This enviable rate of growth has been possible only because of the equal importance that we deem on our two cardinal resources, our people and our infrastructure.

When they are seamlessly integrated with the processes, the result is a consistent output of high quality across all levels. The Percept’s Quality Management System operates around customer delight as its core driving principle, and ensures conforming to the global standards in every project life-cycle. PWS also guarantees the continuing sustenance of our models in Services, Products, Industries and Technologies in national and international locations. This has also ensured that 80% of our valued clients have insisted on keeping their business relationships on a Most Preferred Partnership with us.



We have Strategic location at Nagpur, dedicated servers to deploy Projects, latest computers with all the software needed to design and develop as per client's needs.


Resources of the company includes a large & disparate pool of dedicated IT professionals with technical expertise and high communication ability, ability to quickly deploy skilled resources and cut back team sizes.

Price Competitiveness

Ability to provide cost effective services not only for development but also for implementation and maintenance.

Change Control

Comprehensive control over the configuration of the work product baseline. This includes following the configuration of each of the items, endorsing a new configuration if necessary and modifying the baseline.


Rigorous management controls to guarantee timely delivery with best quality.

Onsite Coordination

Devoted project coordinator responsible for daily management of communication between Client and project team.


Highly definite processes and incorporated teams. Larger development work sets are broken into smaller modules that can be developed in parallel by multiple teams and integrated to reduce development time for customers.


High quality moderated customer risk.